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Evan Williams has not given any permission and has no knowledge of this site nor it's ideology or opinions. I just, I like Evan Williams and know his spirit and that of his friend Thomas Jefferson are to be respected.  So I decided to start a mans political watch group, with a military twist, to help people realize some truths that the tea party would find politically incorrect.. October 21, 2010
Step Up to Evan Williams
Step Up to Your responsibility
Step Up to Do the RIGHT thing
Step Up to Help where ya can
Step Up and Lead
Step Up to the true Spirit
of  Evan Williams
This site is about Truth, Dignity and Honor, may be more honesty here than you are used too.  This is not a site of hate or discontent, This is a site that will tell you we are in real serious trouble. And we must stand up to help bring some sanity to the government process.  To uncover the Orginal American Spirit.  And we have to understand we were born Scared, Screaming and butt naked with nothing but a chance to prove our worth............ 
Under Contruction
Single People all over the world standing together to make a difference.  FunrunnersRadio.com will be micro online radio station all over the world, run by singles.  FunrunnersTravel.com  is the main idea, we feed the hunger and party on the beachs of the world. We are neither saints nor sinners, we are simply standing up for a better life and a better world... Funrunners@hotmail.com
The Evan Williams Coalition is planning to sponsor the International Miss Funrunners Contest.  We are looking for the classiest single Lady in the country, all of them.  This is much more than beauty, this is about class.  When we land in America to have the First Miss Funrunners in the USA we will land in Atlanta with over 100 of the most beautiful class single ladies of the world........ And another 100 will land in LA............ We will travel from state to state electing Miss Funrunners in each state as we go. These ladies will oversee their country and the hungry children therein , as well as the Funrunners Concert, FunrunnersMovies.com (comedy travel movies by singles). Make a thousand friends and feed a Million kids.
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